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Silicone hose

Silicone hose and other special shaped silicone products are used when there are high demands for purity and hygiene. Therefore are silicone products suitable in environments as pharmaceutical and food industry.

Silicone hoses can also advantageously be used in other industry applications as cooling system, automotive applications, chemical as for cosmetic industry.

Silicone products are characterized by wide temperature area, -60C up to +200 C. High flexibility, high aging resistance, ozone and UV resistance. The smooth inside makes the silicone hose extremely easy to keep clean and makes it therefore a very high hygienic product.

The silicone hose can be produced in lot of different executions as with different inner cords used as an reinforcement, different wires for example in stainless steel as in different plastic materials. The hose can also be delivered in different colors.

Specma Wiro assembles the silicone hoses and shaped products with most types of fittings including our special shaped pipe connections for a simple and economical assembling with clamps.

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